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6 drinks to enjoy the night party at Singapore Bars

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#1 Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer

Tiger beer is one the most sought after beverages in Singapore. The drink will give you great relief during the hot summer days and will help you to enjoy your evenings at the nightclubs and bars in the country. The drink is classy while being easy on your pockets. This is the perfect drink to order when you visit the restaurant bars in Singapore with your friends after the hectic hours at work.

#2 Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is a cocktail variety that will help you enjoy the richness of local flavors. You should go for this drink when you host parties at corporate bars for your clients or while throwing a party for your friends. The drink is extremely tasty and goes well with all sorts of meat based snack delicacies.

#3 Singapore Sawa

Singapore Sawa

The amazing blend of ginger liquor, lemon peel, and mint leaves will provide you with a perfect drink to enjoy your evenings at the elegant pubs in the country. This is one of the best drinks to order if you are in mood to party with your friends.

#4 Apple Punch

Apple Punch

Apple Punch is a fabulous combination of fresh, clear apple juice and vodka. If you set out to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore, this would be the best drink to order at the effervescent pubs and nightclubs in the country. You will definitely enjoy your time better, dancing to the tunes of your favorite numbers if you have a glass of this classy drink at the night bars.

#5 Monster Green Lager

Monster Green Lager


All those who don’t love regular beer should try out the Monster Green Lager at the bars in Singapore. The drink is different from regular beer especially due to the presence of a variety of spices and vegetables that gives it a totally different flavor. You should definitely try it out at least once when you attend a night party at the bars in Singapore.

#6 Club Wine

Club Wine

This is a stunning choice any day and the bars in Singapore will offer you with the most popular brands of club wine. You will be able to enjoy some romantic moments with your partner when you order a popular brand of club wine at the Singapore bars.

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