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5 snacks to enjoy when you visit the Singapore bars & restaurant

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#1 Chicken wings

Chicken wings

Chicken wings would be the best dish to order at the sports bars in Singapore when you are enjoying your favorite game on the video screen with a bunch of friends. A plate of this dish will be good to share among your friends and would go well with all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The Chinese restaurants specialized in Szechwan cuisine will serve you the spicy variant of this dish. You can also enjoy the host spicy chicken wing variety when you visit a bar in the country serving Mexican cuisine.

#2 Hot & sour Indian spiced fries

Hot & sour Indian spiced fries

As the name suggests, this variant of snack is hot and equally sour. The dish is prepared in traditional Indian style using wedged potatoes that are peeled to perfection. The potatoes are fried in sunflower oil after seasoning it with a variety of spices. You will love it most when you order it along with a glass of whisky or after a few rounds of tequila shots.

#3 Green salad

Green salad1

When you visit one of the best bar to watch sports and want to concentrate on the game without consuming a lot of alcohol, green salad would a wonderful dish to order. It is perfectly healthy and extremely scrumptious. You can order it with your favorite fruity beverages.

#4 Smoked beef sausages

Smoked beef sausages

The beef sausages cooked to perfection by the Chinese chefs will definitely tickle your taste buds. This scrumptious delicacy can be ordered at all major restaurant bars in Singapore. It would be a perfect starter dish and also a filling interim snack. If you want to grab a quick bite in between your shopping spree in the country, you should order this dish at one of the eateries in the country.

#5 Fish fingers

Fish fingers2

Anybody who loves seafood would love this scrumptious delicacy. You will love this dish when you order it as an entrée dish at any good restaurant or bar in the country. The dish is amazingly crispy and will melt in your mouth. It goes well with all sorts of beverages too!

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