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How to make really good Calamari “Pepper Salted”

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Calamari Pepper SaltedPepper Salted Calamari is one of the best seafood delicacies available in Singapore. The dish is one of the most popular dishes on the menu at the top wine bars in Singapore because it is one of the best food pairings with red and white wine. The fried calamari with the pepper salt flavor will also make the perfect interim snack when you want to go on a business lunch in Singapore. It would also be the perfect entrée dish to order when you visit the sports bars in Singapore with your friends to enjoy a game of soccer. You can also prepare this dish at home if you are in a mood to enjoy your culinary skills.

To prepare extremely scrumptious pepper salted calamari, you need 2cups canola oil, 1cup cornstarch, 1/2cup flour, 2pounds calamari, pepper, and salt to taste. The calamari should be cleaned well and cut into small rings with very little thickness. You can also prepare a dipping sauce while preparing this dish in order to enjoy it better. The dipping sauce can be made by mixing different types of sauces available in your kitchen and it can include tomato sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, garlic chunks, and scallions.

To prepare the pepper salted calamari, you should place a skillet with the canola oil over medium flame. In the meantime, you should take a bowl, and mix together the cornstarch and flour. You should also add a good amount of pepper powder and salt to this combination. To make the mixing process easy, you can add few drops of water. You should coat the calamari in this mixture. By now the oil in the skillet would have reached the right temperature and you can now start the frying process. Fry the calamari in batches and remove it once fried to paper towels. This will help to drain out the excess oil. You can serve it hot along with the dipping sauce to enjoy a fabulous meal.

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