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How to Make Healthy & Delicious Quattro Formaggi Pizza?

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Delicious Quattro Formaggi PizzaThere are plenty of eateries in Singapore that serve Italian pizza and many other extremely delectable food items. Quattri Formaggi Pizza is one the most yummy variants of pizza available in Singapore. You can try it out at the elegant restaurants and bars or try it at home.

The key ingredients used to prepare the Quattro Formaggi pizza is of course, 4 varieties of cheese. The name suggests the same and the types of cheese used in making the pizza are namely, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Stracchino. 4 ounces of each variant of cheese is needed when you prepare the pizza with 2 pizza dough balls. You will also need spicy pepperoni if you want to make the dish a bit hot.

You should prepare the pizza dough as a 12-inch circle. You should then heat the pizza stone in an oven for at least half an hour. You should then sprinkle half the portion of the cheese you have kept aside for preparing the delicacy and also the spicy pepperoni on the surface of the pizza. Now place the pizza dough inside the heated stone and cook for about 10 minutes. You should stop the process once the pizza turns golden brown in color.

The key factor to be kept in mind is that this variant of pizza should be made one at a time. If you try to bake a couple of pizzas in the oven at the same time, it might stick to each other and lose its good shape.

The most scrumptious varieties of Quattro Formaggi pizza can be ordered at the best bars in Singapore. The bars Singapore are often the most popular hangouts that are chosen by expats in the country to celebrate their weekends. This is mainly because of the fabulous varieties of dishes served. The Quattro Formaggi pizza is one of the best dishes that will compliment the drink when you order Scotch whisky at the bars. You can try out the same combination while hosting corporate events for your important clients from different parts of the globe too.

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